Field of Study
Pharmaceutical Health Care, Health Promotion
Behavioral modification, Health care, Health promotion, Medical cost, Medical system, Pharmaceutical Care, Quality of life
Supporting and Practicing Appropriate Pharmaceutical Use and Health Promotion
  • 特任教授 笠原 千嗣 Research Professor Senji Kasahara M.D. Ph.D. kasahara-se
  • 特任准教授 安田 昌宏 Research Associate Professor Masahiro Yasuda Ph.D. yasuda-ma
  • 講師 伊野 陽子 Associate Professor Yoko Ino Ph.D. ino

研究テーマ Research Subjects




The inappropriate use of pharmaceuticals, health foods and dietary supplements might cause adverse events and deteriorate symptoms. The appropriate use of them is necessary for safe and secure pharmacotherapy and health promotion.

Our laboratory is trying to establish evidence needed for appropriate use of pharmaceuticals. We focus on themes directly linked to safe and secure pharmacotherapy and health promotion, especially about adverse drug event, quality of life, medical cost and medical system. Furthermore, we are constructing, practicing and validating support and education resulting in behavioral modifications to appropriate pharmaceutical use and health promotion on the basis of confirmed evidence and theory.

The feature of our laboratory is not only to establish evidence needed for appropriate pharmaceutical use but also to perform practices of appropriate pharmaceutical use and activities for patients' behavioral modifications on the basis of the evidence.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 医薬品による副作用発現の危険因子に関する研究
    Studies on risk factors of incidence of adverse drug events
  2. 医薬品使用が生活の質(QOL)に及ぼす影響に関する研究
    Studies on influence of pharmaceutical use on quality of life
  3. 医薬品適正使用のための医療費・医療制度に関する研究
    Studies on medical cost and medical system for appropriate use of pharmaceuticals
  4. 医薬品適正使用や健康増進への行動変容につながる支援・教育の確立に関する研究
    Studies on construction of support and education resulting in behavioral modifications to appropriate pharmaceutical use and health promotion

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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