Field of Study
Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical care, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacotherapy, Therapeutic drug monitoring
Establishing evidence on appropriate and secure use of medicines as clinical pharmacists
  • 特任教授 宇佐見 英績 Research Professor Usami Eiseki Ph.D.
  • 教授(兼務) 吉村 知哲 Professor Yoshimura Tomoaki Ph.D. yoshimurat
  • 教授(兼務) 北市 清幸 Professor Kitaichi Kiyoyuki Ph.D. kitaichi
  • 准教授(兼務) 野口 義紘 Associate Professor Noguchi Yoshihiro Ph.D. noguchiy
  • 講師(兼務) 種田 靖久 Associate Professor Oida Yasuhisa Ph.D. oida-ya

研究テーマ Research Subjects



 The Laboratory of Medical Collaborative Pharmacy is a laboratory in partnership with Ogaki Municipal Hospital, and conducts research in association with pharmacists from the Department of Pharmacy of the Ogaki Municipal Hospital. Pharmacists play an important role in medical care settings, and in particular, help provide safe and secure drug therapy. The medical fraternity routinely encounters various problems and questions related to medical care. Therefore, we plan to investigate clinically important problems (clinical questions) by treating them as research questions.
In particular, we aim to generate new evidence through analysis of detailed patient data from electronic medical records and medical big data (real-world data such as medicine receipt data and large-scale spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting databases) to promote the appropriate use of drugs. In addition, through our research on drug treatment optimization through pharmacokinetic analysis, we are examining the relationship between concentration of drug in the blood, its efficacy and occurrence of adverse events. This will enable the administration of optimal drug treatment for individual patients.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 病院薬剤師の業務に関連した課題の解決に関する研究
    Research on solving problems related to the work of clinical pharmacists
  2. 薬剤疫学的手法による医療ビッグデータの解析と臨床への活用
    Analysis of medical big data by pharmacoepidemiologic approach and its practical use
  3. 薬物血中濃度測定による医薬品の有効性・安全性に関する研究
    Research on efficacy and safety of drugs by measuring drug blood levels

最近の研究成果 Research Results

  1. Noguchi Y, Asano H, Masuda R, Teshigawara Y, Go M, Kimura M, Usami E, Yoshimura T. Relationship between Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) Inhibitors and Epileptic Seizure Disorder: A Post-Marketing Surveillance Study. Oncology. 2024. doi: 10.1159/000539426.
  2. Go M, Kimura M, Yamada S, Usami E, Noguchi Y, Yoshimura T. Comparison of Safety and Treatment Continuity of Palbociclib and Abemaciclib for Hormone Receptor-Positive, HER2-Negative Metastatic/Recurrent Breast Cancer. J Pharm Pract. 2024: 8971900241247653. doi: 10.1177/08971900241247653.
  3. Go M, Noguchi Y, Masuda R, Asano H, Kimura M, Usami E, Yoshimura T. Association between CDK4/6 inhibitors and drug-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: A pharmacoepidemiological study using the FDA Adverse Events Reporting System. Int J Cancer. 2024. doi: 10.1002/ijc.34962.