Field of Study
Clinical Pharmacology
Evidence-practice gap,Efficacy and Safety of Pharmacotherapy 
  • 特任教授 鈴木 昭夫 Research Professor Akio Suzuki Ph.D. akio
  • 講師 小林 亮 Associate Professor Ryo Kobayashi Ph.D. kobayashi-ryo

研究テーマ Research Subjects



Our laboratory is a satellite laboratory placed at the Gifu University Hospital. We are conducting clinical research for improvement of the efficacy, safety and patient's quality of life in patients receiving pharmacotherapy, including cancer chemotherapy, collaborated with pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other medical stuffs in Gifu University Hospital. Currently major research themes are "Studies on improving the efficacy and safety of pharmacotherapy", "Studies on intervention to improve the evidence-practice gap in pharmacotherapy", "Elucidation of the mechanism and establishment of countermeasures for adverse events associated with cancer treatment" and "Studies on antimicrobial stewardship intervention to facilitate the appropriate use of antimicrobials". Through these research, we aim to carry out pharmacists who can play an active role in clinical practice.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 薬物治療の有効性と安全性、患者QOLの向上への取り組みに関する研究
    Studies on improving the efficacy and safety of pharmacotherapy 
  2. エビデンス-診療ギャップの解消とその有用性評価に関する研究 
    Studies on improving the evidence-practice gap in pharmacotherapy.
  3. がん治療に伴う有害事象の発現機序解明と新規対策に関する研究
    Elucidation of the mechanism and establishment of countermeasures for adverse events associated with cancer treatment.
  4. 抗菌薬適正使用支援プログラムの推進とその有用性評価に関する研究
    Studies on antimicrobial stewardship intervention to facilitate the appropriate use of antimicrobials.

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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  2. Fujii, H., Araki, A., Iiharal, H., Kaito, D., Hirose, C., Kinomura, M., Yamazaki, M., Endo, J., Inui, T., Yanase, K., Sasaki, Y., Gomyo, T., Sakai, C., Kawae, D., Kitamura, Y., Fukui, M., Kobayashi, R., Ohno, Y., Suzuki, A., Cancer cachexia as a determinant of efficacy of first-line pembrolizumab in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, Mol Clin Oncol, 16, 91 (2022).
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