Field of Study
Organic Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Flow Chemistry, Chemical Applications of New Devices
Heterogeneous Catalysis, Isotope Labeling, Continuous-Flow, Chemoselectivity, Hydrogenation, Mechano・MW・Electro Chemistry, Alternative Energy, Reactive Intermediates
Create sustainable and innovative chemistry by developing new reactions, catalysts, and technologies
  • 教授 佐治木 弘尚 Professor Sajiki Hironao Ph.D. sajiki
  • 准教授 井川 貴詞 Associate Professor Ikawa Takashi Ph.D. ikawa-ta
  • 講師 山田 強 Associate Professor Yamada Tsuyoshi Ph.D. yamada

研究テーマ Research Subjects

 有機化学を切り口としてプロセス化学、創薬化学、有機合成化学、全合成研究への実用的貢献を目指して研究を進めている。特に「安全」、「環境負荷低減」、「コスト」、「反応効率」をキーワードとして、「機能性新規触媒の開発」、「既存の触媒を利用した新規反応の開発」を目指して研究を進め、C-C あるいは C-N 結合形成反応、接触還元法や酸化反応などを多数開発するとともに、既に12種類の官能基選択的接触還元触媒を実用化した(下図)。また、C-H 結合の活性化を基盤とした触媒的重水素標識化法は、重水素標識試薬販売・受託合成事業として実用化されるとともに、微量分析のためのサロゲート化合物への応用や、ヘビードラッグの開発研究などに展開している。さらに水から水素をメカノ反応的に調製する次世代エネルギーを意識した水素製造法(右図)や有機ハイドライドの開発も進めており、地球温暖化対策に貢献する革新的環境エネルギー技術の確立を目指している。

The research projects in our laboratory have been conducted in an effort to an extraordinary contribution in organic, medicinal, material, synthetic and process chemistries on the basis of the following keywords: safety, environmentally-friendly, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and pragmatic expansion. Concretely, we have been focused on "development of novel functional catalysts" and "development of novel synthetic methodologies using existing catalysts" and we have successfully developed 12 practical heterogeneous catalysts (see Fig), a number of C-C or C-N bond formations, hydrogenations, oxidations and so on. Indeed, catalytic deuterium labeling methods based on the C-H bond activation have yielded practical applications as labeled reagents and a contract manufacturing
service, and launched a new range of research forces to the development of surrogate compounds and functional heavy drugs. Furthermore, we have just created new projects demanding cutting-edge future energy supplies based on original catalytic technologies. Recently, the developments of Lewis acid-catalyzed novel molecular construction methods through the use of the cation intermediates and their application to the total synthesis have also been investigated.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 新しい重水素標識化法の開発と医薬品を含む産業的応用
    Development of novel deuteration methods and their medical and industrial applications
  2. 革新的環境エネルギー技術を指向した新反応の開発と地球温暖化対策への応用
    Development of cutting-edge reactions aimed at the innovative sustainable energy technology and their contribution to the prevention of global warming
  3. 機能性不均一系遷移金属触媒の開発と医薬品化学的応用
    Development of novel, selective and heterogeneous transition metal catalysts and their application to synthetic and medicinal chemistries
  4. 不安定活性種の反応制御法の開発と有機合成への応用
    Development of Reaction Control Method of Reactive Intermediates and Application to Organic Synthesis
  5. ルイス酸触媒による選択的活性化を基盤とした連結環骨格構築法の開発
    Novel construction methods of polycyclic structures based on Lewis acid-catalyzed-selective activation

最近の研究成果 Research Results

  1. Oka, N., Yamada, T., Sajiki, H., Akai, S., Ikawa, T., Aryl Boronic Esters Are Stable on Silica Gel and Reactive under Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Conditions, Org. Lett., 24, 3510-3514 (2022).
  2. Yamada T., Fujii, A., Park, K., Furugen, C., Takagi, A., Ikawa, T., Sajiki, H., Catalytic Intramolecular Cyclization of Alkynyl Cyclic Acetals via Chemoselective Activation Leading to Phenanthrene Core, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., 95, 735-742 (2022).
  3. Yamada, T., Park, K., Furugen, C., Jiang, J. Shimizu, E., Ito, N., Sajiki, H., Highly Selective Hydrogenative Conversion to the Tertiary, Secondary, and Primary Amines of Nitriles under Flow Reaction Conditions, ChemSusChem, 15, e202102138 (2022).
  4. Park, K., Oka, N., Sawama, Y., Ikawa, T., Yamada, T., Sajiki, H., Platinum on Carbon-Catalysed Site-Selective H-D Exchange Reaction of Allylic Alcohols Using Alkyl Amines as a Hydrogen Source, Org. Chem. Front., 9, 1986-1991 (2022).
  5. Ikawa, T., Yamamoto, Y., Heguri, A., Fukumoto, Y., Murakami, T., Takagi, A., Masuda, Y., Yahata, K., Aoyama, H., Shigeta, Y., Tokiwa, H., Akai, H., Could London Dispersion Force Control Regioselective (2+2) Cyclodimerizations of Benzynes? YES: Application to the Synthesis of Helical Biphenylenes Helicene, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 143, 10853-10859 (2021).