Field of Study
Innovative Drug Discovery
drug discovery, research & development, intellectual property, industry-academia collaboration, product life cycle management
Promotion of drug discovery research, creation of intellectual property, and development of qualified human resources
  • 特任教授 嶋田 薫 Research Professor Shimada Kaoru Ph.D. shimada-ka
  • 教授(兼務) 嶋澤 雅光 Professor Shimazawa Masamitsu Ph.D. shimazawa
  • 特任教授(兼務) 原 英彰 Research Professor Hara Hideaki Ph.D. hidehara

研究テーマ Research Subjects


 革新的な新薬を創出するため、創薬のシーズを探索・評価する研究を推進し、リード化合物が得られた場合には、その化学構造と標的活性の相関解析を行います。また、ADMET 特性も解析し、医薬品としての化学構造の最適化を推進します。さらに、製剤的な特性、また異なる用途の探索などを通じて医薬品としてのポテンシャルを最大化します。


The purpose of this laboratory is to contribute to the realization of the drug discovery development promotion concept originating in the Tokai region and the development of talented human resources. This laboratory develops the following research and activities through promoting collaboration and cooperation by utilizing the research capabilities and human resources of both university and company.

In order to create innovative new drugs, this laboratory promotes research to explore and evaluate the seeds of drug discovery. When a lead compound is obtained, the correlation analysis between the chemical structure and the target activity is performed. In addition, ADMET characteristics as a drug will be analyzed to promote optimization of the chemical structure as a drug. Furthermore, the potential as a medicine is maximized through the search for pharmaceutical properties and other uses.

This laboratory evaluates intellectual property and conducts research on the creation of intellectual property and the formulation of strategies in order to utilize the ideas of researchers, and then appropriately protects intellectual property and creates high-value-added drug candidates which greatly contributes to the realization of the drug discovery development promotion concept originating in the Tokai region. This laboratory promotes the development of talented human resources through in-service training in the process of the research activities.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 革新的な新薬を創出するための創薬研究の推進
    Promotion of drug discovery research to create innovative new drugs
  2. 研究の智慧を活かす知的財産の創出および戦略の策定と実践
    Creation of intellectual property and formulating and implementing strategies that utilize research ideas
  3. 新薬の創出と開発推進構想の具現化および有為な人材の育成
    Creation of new drugs, realization of development promotion concept, and development of talented human resources

最近の研究成果 Research Results

  1. 2021年、本講座に関連する 2 件の国際特許を出願した。
    Two international patent applications related to the research activity in this laboratory were filed in 2021.
    2021年 4 月新設の研究講座であり、今後にご期待ください。
    This is a new research laboratory established in April, 2021. Please look forward to future research publications