• 特任准教授 原 幸嗣 Research Associate Professor Kouji Hara B.S. hara-ko
  • 教授(兼任) 田原 耕平 Professor Kohei Tahara Ph.D. tahara

研究テーマ Research Subjects




In recent years, the pharmaceutical field has seen diversification of therapeutic modalities, such as antibodies, RNA medicines (typified by novel coronavirus vaccines), and gene therapy. Innovative drugs often have stability and absorption, issues that have led to increased interest in developing formulation technologies that can maximize the therapeutic effects of these drugs. Given this background, polymeric nanofibers (nanofibers) prepared by field spinning (electrospinning) are expected to become a platform for pharmaceutical formulation development. Polymeric nanofibers can be applied to various dosage forms, such as oral (e.g., tablets and film formulations), topical (transdermal patch, sublingual patch, and other formulations for mucosal tissues), and inhalation products.

The electrospinning method can directly formulate liquid raw materials into solids under mild conditions without the use of heat. In this laboratory, we are actively developing applications not only for pharmaceuticals, but also for functional foods and cosmetics, in which unstable compounds are often used.

Medical nanofibers will be developed as a new dosage form in collaboration with the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Engineering (Tahara research group) at Gifu Pharmaceutical University. We are also actively engaging in joint research with research institutes, industries, and hospitals to translate research data on the use of medical nanofibers into practical applications.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. ナノファイバー基剤の探索と開発
    Discovery and development of polymeric materials for nanofiber substrates
  2. 難水溶性薬物の溶解性改善を目指したナノファイバー固体分散体の開発
    Development of solid-dispersion nanofibers to improve the solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs
  3. バイオ医薬品・核酸医薬品など新しいモダリティに対する製剤化技術としてのナノファイバー応用
    Nanofiber application as a formulation technology for new modalities such as biopharmaceuticals and nucleic acid medicines
  4. ナノファイバーを活用する経粘膜・経皮など低侵襲DDS製剤の開発 
    Development of noninvasive DDS formulations utilizing nanofibers, such as transmucosal and transdermal administrations

最近の研究成果 Research Results

  1. Shibata T, Yoshimura N, Kobayashi A, Ito T, Hara K, Tahara K. Emulsion-electrospun polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers as a solid dispersion system to improve solubility and control the release of probucol, a poorly water-soluble drug. J Drug Deliv Sci Technol.102953. 2021
  2. 特開2021-88552
  3. 特開2022-81718
  4. 特願2021-166420
  5. 特願2022-12541