Field of Study
Particle Design, Formulation Process
Particle Design, Formulation Process, Continuous production of pharmaceutical formulations, Orally Disintegrating Tablets, Orally Disintegrating Films
Promote industry-academia collaboration with continuous production of formulations as the keyword.
  • 特任教授 竹内 洋文 Research Professor Takeuchi Hirofumi Ph.D. takeuchi
  • 特任講師 竹内 淑子 Research Associate Professor Takeuchi Yoshiko Ph.D. takuchiy
  • 特任講師 長谷川 浩司 Research Associate Professor Hasegawa Kouji B.S.
  • 教授(兼務) 北市 清幸 Professor Kitaichi Kiyoyuki Ph.D. kitaichi
  • 教授(兼務) 中村 光浩 Professor Nakamura Mitsuhiro Ph.D. mnakamura
  • 教授(兼務) 田原 耕平 Professor Tahara Kohei Ph.D. tahara

研究テーマ Research Subjects

2018年に立ち上げた連続生産の実現・推進を考える会(CCPMJ:Consortium on Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Japan: )の活動推進拠点として、薬・工、産・学の情報交換の場を提供し、多角的な連携構築を目指す。医薬品開発動向にも留意し連続生産が注目されているバイオ医薬品生産との連携も図る。これらの活動により、本学における新しい薬学教育にも貢献し、国内での製薬工業の振興に寄与することを目指す。

Our research team aims to solve issues and develop in terms of rationalization, quality assurance and energy saving required for recent pharmaceutical processes from the viewpoint of pharmaceutical science and engineering. We would especially like to contribute to the introduction and development on Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing, which is highly-expected to be taken into the pharmaceutical process soon in Japan, and we will focus on integration of the typical processes such as mixing, granulation, and drying. In addition, we will advance the research results on particle design, characterization and control for the development of novel pharmaceuticals that we have been building up to now, and expand into researchs with a view to the manufacturing process. For continuous manufacturing research, it is necessary to construct a new foundation utilizing industry-academia cooperation in addition to the basic areas of pharmaceutical engineering, powder engineering, chemical engineering and others. As a base for promoting activities of CCPMJ: Consortium on Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Japan launched in 2018, we aim to establish a multifaceted collaboration by providing a forum for exchanging information on medicine, engineering, industry and academia. We also pay attention to drug development trends, and cooperate with biopharmaceutical production where continuous manufacturing is drawing attention. Through these activities, we would like to contribute to both new pharmaceutical education at our university and the promotion of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.

研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 製薬プロセスの合理化、製品品質確保に寄与する研究
    Studies on pharmaceutical process contributing to streamline and ensuring of product quality
  2. 固形製剤連続生産のための工学的研究
    Engineering studies on continuous manufacturing of solid dosage forms
  3. 連続プロセス構築のための医薬品および添加剤の粒子設計と評価
    Particle design and evaluation for continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and excipients
  4. 口腔内崩壊錠、フィルム製剤等の新規固形製剤の生産プロセスに関する研究
    Engineering studies on manufacturing of novel solid dosage forms such as rapidly disintegrating tablets and films

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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  2. Takeuchi Y., Murase, K. Tahara, Takeuchi H., Impact of surface roughness of pre-treated punches and powder properties on prevention of sticking during pharmaceutical tableting, J. Drug. Delivery Sci. Technol., 60, 10199 (2020).
  3. Tomita Y., Takeuchi Y., Natsuyama, S., Takeuchi H., Characteristics of residence time distribution in a continuous high shear mixer granulation using scraper rotation, Int. J. Pharm., 605, 120789 (2021).
  4. Takeuchi Y., Hyakawa F., Tahara K., Takeuchi H., Orally disintegrating films: The effects of water content on disintegration and mechanical properties, J. Drug Del. Sci., Technol., 66, 102893 (2021).
  5. 竹内洋文:医薬品製剤連続生産の動向と期待される粉体工学の寄与 , 粉体工学会誌 , 58, 212-218 (2021).