Field of Study
Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry, Plasma Chemistry, Mechanochemistry, Drug Delivery System
Cold Plasma, Self-assembled phospholipid layer, Polymer Nano-film, Zwitterionic Polymer, Polymer micelle, Bottle-brush, cancer, cellular uptake
Aiming to develop next-generation medical materials by utilizing its technologies for synthesizing, evaluating, and manipulating functional polymers.
  • 教授 近藤 伸一 Professor Kondo Shin-ichi Ph.D. skondo
  • 講師 土井 直樹 Associate Professor Doi Naoki Ph.D. doi

研究テーマ Research Subjects


1 . 高分子基材表面の改質を利用したバイオアプリケーション

2 . 刺激応答性機能性高分子の開発とその DDS への応用
生体内環境あるいは外部刺激(光、熱など)により物性や高次構造等が変化する機能性高分子の開発とそのドラッグデリバリーシステム(DDS)への応用に関する研究を行っている。特に、種々の重合方法(メカノケミカル重合や原子移動ラジカル重合など)を用いて分子量や高分子構造を制御するとともに、高分子側鎖への刺激応答性部位の導入による高分子の機能化を行い、ナノドラッグキャリアとすることによる DDS への応用を行っている。

3 . 新たな膵臓癌治療に向けたがん間質を突破する DDS

We have worked on the fundamentals and applications of chemical reactions, chemical structure and characteristics of various materials, such as polymer material, in the view of pharmaceutical science. The following research fields are our primary research focus.

1 . Surface modification of polymer material and its bio-application. We have been developing original materials for medical use by the surface modification of polymer. The durable surface wettability on the hydrophobic polymer surface, on which carboxylic groups were introduced, was fabricated by plasma treatment, and then other functional groups or polymer graft chains were introduced on its surface. The polymer surface fabricated by this way is used for the immobilization of enzyme or antibody maintaining their high activity, and it is also suitable for the cell culture.

2 . Development of stimuli-responsive polymer and its application to DDS. Stimuli-responsive polymers as a nanocarrier are specialized nano-sized active delivery vehicles that evolve with an external signal, such as heat, pH, light and so on, and are equipped with load-and-release modalities within their constituting units. We have been investigating the development of stimuli-responsive polymer and its application to DDS.

3 . Development of macromolecular drugs to break through the pancreatic cancer stroma. Pancreatic cancer stroma prevents the delivery of anticancer drugs and DDS carrier into the pancreatic cancer cells. We have challenged the fabrication of polymer conjugates possessing extracellular matrix proteases to increase the stability of the proteases and to provide targeting ability for them, and developed the anticancer-loaded macromolecules for apoptosis-inducing of pancreatic cancer cells.

研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. プラズマを利用した高分子基材表面へのリン脂質自己組織化膜の構築とその応用
    Fabrication of self-assembled phospholipid layer onto the polymer surface by plasma-assisted method and its bio-application
  2. 固体プラズマ化学の基礎と高分子の自己組織化を利用した DDS 開発
    Fundamentals of solid-state plasma chemistry and application to DDS by self-assembling of polymer
  3. DDS への応用を目指した高次の機能性高分子開発
    Development of highly functionalized polymer for DDS
  4. プラズマ技術を基盤とする機能性バイオマテリアル表面の創成
    Development of functional biomaterial surface based on plasma technique
  5. 新たな膵癌治療に向けたがん間質を突破する高分子医薬の創出
    Development of macromolecular drugs aiming to break through the pancreatic cancer stroma

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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