Field of Study
Pharmaceutical Science, Drug Delivery
Pharmaceutical engineering, Drug delivery system, Nanotechnology, Formulation
Developing innovative DDS/formulation technologies and manufacturing processes to contribute to drug discovery and medical care.
  • 教授 田原 耕平 Professor Tahara Kohei Ph.D. tahara
  • 助教 伊藤 貴章 Assistant Professor Ito Takaaki Ph.D. ito-ta
  • 助教 山添 絵理子 Assistant Professor Yamazoe Eriko

研究テーマ Research Subjects

 当研究室では、患者の服用性や利便性に着目したドラッグデリバリーシステム(DDS)と新しい製剤設計や製造プロセスに関する研究を粒子設計工学の観点から行っている。具体的には、通常注射で投与されるペプチドなどの薬物を、DDS ナノキャリアにより経口や経肺から吸収させることで、患者の負担が少ない非侵襲的な投与経路の確立を行っている。また、後眼部疾患に対する眼内注射を回避するために、点眼により網膜へ薬物を送達するリポソームなどナノ粒子技術を開発している。siRNA など核酸医薬の細胞内 DDS にも取り組んでおり、経口・経肺・点眼など低侵襲投与経路に応用している(Fig. 1 )。

 薬物ナノキャリア以外にも、難水溶性薬物の溶解性を改善する薬物ナノ結晶製剤や次世代型のナノファイバー製剤の開発に取り組んでいる。また口腔内崩壊(OD)錠や OD フィルムなど患者が服用しやすい剤形開発も重要視して検討を行っている。


Our laboratory focuses on research and development of patient friendly emerging formulations, drug delivery systems (DDS) and novel manufacturing processes from the viewpoint of particle design engineering. We have established non-invasive administration route such as orally and pulmonary administration using DDS nanocarriers for peptide drugs which are generally injected to patients. Nanoparticle technologies such as liposomes that deliver drugs to the retina by topical instillation are developed to avoid intraocular injection for posterior ocular diseases. We are also working on intracellular DDS of nucleic acid drugs such as siRNA and developing non-invasive formulations such as oral, pulmonary and eye drop administrations.

 Drug nanocrystal formulations and emerging formulation such as polymeric nanofiber are also developed to improve the solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs. We are also interested in orally disintegrating (OD) tablets and OD films.

 In the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we are developing an integrated continuous manufacturing system that can efficiently produce pharmaceutical formulations using spherical crystallization, continuous formulation (powder) processes, and novel pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. ナノ薬物キャリアを活用する低侵襲 DDS 製剤(経口・経肺・点眼投与)の研究
    Development of non-invasive pharmaceutical formulations (orally, pulmonary, and ocular topical instillation) using nanoparticle drug delivery system
  2. 薬物のバイオアベイラビリティと服用性改善を目的とする粒子・製剤設計
    Particle design to improve drug bioavailability and development of patient friendly formulations
  3. 統合型医薬品連続生産システムを目指した製造プロセス開発
    Development of integrated continuous manufacturing system
  4. 個別化製剤の実現を目指した研究
    Research for personalized formulations using emerging technologies

最近の研究成果 Research Results

  1. Tadauchi T, Yamada D, Koide Y, Yamada M, Shimada Y, Yamazoe E, Ito T, Tahara K. Improving the powder properties of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (ethenzamide) with a silica nanoparticle coating for direct compaction into tablets. Powders. 1(4):231-242. 2022
  2. Ito T, Yamazoe E, Tahara K. Dry powder inhalers for proteins using cryo-milled electrospun polyvinyl alcohol nanofiber mats. Molecules. 27(16):5158. 2022
  3. Shibata T, Yoshimura N, Kobayashi A, Ito T, Hara K, Tahara K. Emulsion-electrospun polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers as a solid dispersion system to improve solubility and control the release of probucol, a poorly watersoluble drug. J Drug Deliv Sci Technol.102953. 2021
  4. Yamazoe E, Fang J-Y, Tahara K. Oral mucus-penetrating PEGylated liposomes to improve drug absorption: Differences in the interaction mechanisms of a mucoadhesive liposome. Int J Pharm. 593:120148. 2021
  5. Tahara K. Pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing using particle/powder technology for personalized medicines. Adv Powder Technol. 31(1):387-392. 2020