Field of Study
Therapeutic drug monitoring, new psychoactive substances, functional food ingredients
Contribution to better treatment and healthcare through advancing measurement technology
  • 教授 北市 清幸 Professor Kitaichi Kiyoyuki Ph.D. kitaichi
  • 講師 種田 靖久 Associate Professor Oida Yasuhisa Ph.D. oida-ya
  • 講師 曽田 翠 Associate Professor Soda Midori Ph.D. soda

研究テーマ Research Subjects


1 . 薬物動態学的解析による薬物治療最適化に関する研究:病院や医療機関と連携し、HPLC、LC-MS/MSなどの機器を用いて測定した薬物血中濃度と薬効や有害事象との関連を検討して個々の患者に最適な薬物治療の提供を試みる。

2 . 危険ドラッグに関する研究:県内外の研究施設や行政機関と連携し、危険ドラッグおよびその代謝物の同定法および測定系を確立して危険ドラッグの不正使用の摘発や使用防止に貢献すると共に、作用メカニズムの解明を試みる。

3 . 薬物や健康食品素材の生体内挙動と安全性評価に関する研究:企業と連携し、薬物と健康食品素材の相互作用や違法薬物を含む各種薬物の標的臓器への送達メカニズムの解析、新規基材による薬物の徐放特性の評価・開発などを行い、医薬品の適正使用、薬物送達の効率化や安全な健康食品の創出に資するエビデンス構築を試みる。

In our laboratory, we focus on the following research projects.

1 . The research to optimize the drug prescription for each patient based on pharmacokinetics analysis in collaboration with hospitals and other clinical facilities. Our combined analysis of pharmacokinetics using therapeutic drug monitoring by HPLC and LC-MS/MS could be applicable to investigate the relationship between these pharmacokinetic factors and clinical outcome during drug therapy.

2 . The research related to new psychoactive substrates (NPSs) in collaboration with several research facilities and local government, we try to establish the systems to monitor and identify NPSs and their metabolites in order to prevent their illegal use. We also plan to find out the mechanisms of actions of NPSs.

3 . The research to investigate the pharmacokinetic properties and the safety of drugs and functional food ingredients in collaboration with several companies. We investigate the pharmacokinetic properties, the drug-food interaction and the mechanisms of drug delivery system, and assess the controlled-release of drugs using novel materials in order to promote the appropriate use of drugs and to develop new functional foods.

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研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 各種薬物測定系の確立と能動的な薬物治療への関与を目指した基礎および臨床の統合的研究
    To establish the systems of therapeutic drug monitoring and its application in clinical in order for clinical pharmacists to be positively involved in pharmacological therapy
  2. 危険ドラッグおよびその代謝物の検出 / 同定と作用メカニズムに関する研究
    To establish the methods for monitoring and identifying NPSs and their metabolites and to elucidate their mechanisms of actions
  3. 薬剤および健康食品素材の生体内挙動と安全性評価に関する研究
    To investigate the pharmacokinetic properties and the safety of drugs and functional food ingredients

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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