Field of Study
Natural Product Chemistry, Pharmacognosy
Chemoprospecting, Chromatography, Structure Elucidation, Sustainable Development of Wild Plants in Gifu
Phylogeny-based Chemoprospecting for Discovery of Drug Candidates & Health Enhancers
  • 教授 大山 雅義 Professor Oyama Masayoshi Ph.D. oyama
  • 准教授 阿部 尚仁 Associate Professor Abe Naohito Ph.D. aben
  • 助教 幅 愛実 Assistant Professor Haba Manami haba

研究テーマ Research Interests


 The Laboratory of Pharmacognosy has been studying on flavonoid chemistry for more than half a century. So far, hundreds of new flavonoids were discovered from Epimedium, Euchresta, and Sophora species. Currently, we seek more variety of plant secondary metabolites to enrich our chemical repository. Using our sophisticated chromatographic techniques and advanced analytical methods, we operate the chemoprospecting project of the angiosperms to discover drug candidates and health enhancers. As shown in the following figure, the natural products possessing structurally unique features are isolated from the families of Rhamnaceae, Polygonaceae, Rutaceae, and Hypoxidaceae. Pharmacological evaluation of the plants' extracts and their ingredients are carried out by our collaborators; and hence, some of the significant anticancer and anti-inflammatory agents have been identified. Gifu is historically known as a town of manufacturing crude drugs, so that, sustainable development of wild plants around this area is one of our topics to contribute to the local society.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 有用植物の探索と化学系統分類に関する研究
    Phylogeny-based chemoprospecting of the angiosperms
  2. 植物二次代謝産物の分離と構造解析に関する研究
    Isolation and elucidation of plant secondary metabolites
  3. 岐阜地域の植物資源の応用と保全に関する研究
    Sustainable development of domestic plant resources in Gifu region
  4. メタボロミクスを用いた生薬製剤および植物試料の多成分分析
    Multicomponent analysis of plant materials using MS- and/or NMR-based metabolomics

最近の研究成果 Research Publications

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