Field of Study
English Studies, English Communication, Applied English Education, Life sciences
English Education, Medical English, English Presentation and Communication, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Cell Cycle, Obesity, Caffein
A Better Science English Communication Leads You to the Path of the Global Science Society
  • 講師 ジャマリ・マルジャン Associate Professsor Jamali Marjan Ph.D. jamali

研究テーマ Research Subjects



  Science English plays a crucial role in the field of pharmacy, enabling effective communication and dissemination of research findings. The importance of Science English cannot be overstated in the context of scientific communication. By fostering effective communication, promoting international collaboration, and facilitating access to global research, Science English empowers scientists to contribute meaningfully to their fields. Through dedicated research and tailored interventions, we can further enhance the proficiency of scientists in this specialized language, ultimately advancing scientific knowledge and innovation.

  Ongoing research in this area focuses on improving patient counseling, enhancing scientific writing skills, and developing standardized medical terminology resources. By addressing these research interests and objectives, we can further enhance the quality and impact of Science English in pharmacy practice, research, and education.

研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 効果的な言語トレーニングプログラムの開発: 薬学の専門家の具体的なニーズに合わせた総合的な言語トレーニングプログラムを設計し、科学論文の執筆、医療現場におけるコミュニケーション、および患者へより適切な助言を与えるスキルの向上に焦点を当てる。

    Develop Effective Language Training Programs: Designing comprehensive language training programs tailored to the specific needs of pharmacy professionals, focusing on enhancing scientific writing, oral communication, and patient counseling skills.

  2. 英語で書かれた科学論文や研究論文、ジャーナルを効果的に読み、薬学科学の最新の進歩と発見について最新情報を把握するための効果的な方法に関する研究。

    Research on an effective way to effectively read scientific articles, research papers, and journals written in English to stay updated on the latest advancements and discoveries in pharmaceutical science.

  3. 発表スキルの向上、話す流暢さ、発音、非言語コミュニケーションを含め、聴衆を引きつけ、科学的情報を明確に伝えるための研究。

    Enhance presentation skills, including speaking fluency, pronunciation, and non-verbal communication, to engage the audience and convey scientific information with clarity.

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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