Field of Study
English Education, English Communication, Journalism
Second Language Acquisition, English Education, Active Learning, Motivation, Early-English Education, Task-Based Learning, English Debate, Online Learning
Acquiring English language skills to cultivate global perspectives and communication skills
  • 准教授 松家 鮎美 Associate Professor Matsuka Ayumi MA. matsuka-a

研究テーマ Research Subjects

 英語研究室では、学習の動機付けや環境要因から、継続的な英語力の伸びを促す研究を行っている。TBL(タスクを用いた学習法)に基づいた語彙学習や、 4 技能の習得についての効果測定、英語に苦手意識を持つ学習者を対象とした授業の実践研究を行う。また、小学校等の授業を調査し、初等英語教育における教授法や、英語教科化に伴う成績・評価の分析を行っている。

 オンライン授業については、対面授業をオンラインで同時配信する「ハイフレックス型」の授業を実践し、対面 / オンラインで受講する学生の学力及び意識調査を行う。ギャップ分析をしながら、効果的な指導法及び評価法について研究を行っている。

Research is being conducted on the second language acquisition theory to promote continuous improvement of English language proficiency through motivation and learning environment factors. The effects of TBL (task-based learning) on vocabulary learning and the acquisition of the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are measured and practical research is conducted on classes for learners who have difficulty with English communication.

Research is also conducted on early-age English education based on the second language acquisition theory, and analyzing classes mainly in elementary schools. Teaching methods for elementary English and end-of-term evaluation are being studied.

For online classes, a type of class is practiced in which face-to-face classes are delivered simultaneously online. A survey of the academic abilities and attitudes of students taking face-to-face and online classes is being conducted. While analyzing any gap, effective and optimum teaching and evaluation methods are being studied.

研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 第二言語習得論と動機付けについての研究
    Study of second language acquisition and motivation
  2. 早期英語教育における教授法の分析
    Analysis of teaching methods in early-age English education
  3. オンラインによる大学英語授業(ハイフレックス型)の実践研究
    Practice of English teaching with simultaneous online delivery of face-to-face classes

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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