FSGL & Pharmaceutical English Learning Progress

Friendly small group learning (FSGL) as a new educational technique was applied in two academic courses. The enrolled students were asked to make a study group with their intimate friends and study together throughout the course. It was believed that the more intimate environment of a small learning group is also great for building teamwork skills. They were encouraged to choose a leader and a sub-leader among 6-7 members. The role of the group's leader was considered to be crucial as he/she must encourage the members to do their self-study, and to participate in the group study, too. Each group made their FSGL schedule when all members could join the group study for at least 2-3 hour in a week. Then, the leader of each group reported the group's FSGL activities in detail to the instructor. The statistical results showed that 80% of the students in each course showed a positive attitude toward this new educational concept (t-statistics = 7.3-7.6, p < 0.001). It was concluded that the technique applied in this study is a helpful method in teaching-learning pharmaceutical English.

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