We welcomed a delegation from our exchange university, Zhejiang University, who visited us from December 12 to 15, 2023. President Gu Zhen, Vice President Yang Huirong, and Professor Gao Jianqing of Zhejiang University, with five doctoral students visited us.

A student exchange meeting was held on Wednesday the 13th, and a special lecture was held on Thursday the 14th. Prof. Gu and Prof. Gao presented their latest research results on bio-responsive drug delivery targeting disease therapy and stem cell-based drug delivery systems. Nearly 100 people attended.



At the student exchange meeting, five doctoral students in pharmacy, Li Yaosheng, Zhou Zhesheng, Luo Zhanghong, Cai Guoxin, and Ma Shijia, introduced their respective research fields.

The group visited four laboratories of the university (Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Hygienic Chemistry and Molecular Toxicology) and exchanged views on research exchange. They were also introduced to a mobile pharmacy vehicle and pharmacy.


In addition to the academic exchange, they visited the China-Japan Friendship Park, Mt. Kinka, and Gifu Castle to learn about the history of friendship exchange between Hangzhou and Gifu, and the history of Gifu.



Click HERE for the page of the meeting with President Hara. (Japanese only)