• 特任講師 生木 庸寛 Research Associate Professor Namaki Nobuhiro B.S. namaki
  • 特任講師 河合 琢良 Research Associate Professor Kawai Takuyoshi B.S. kawai-ta
  • 教授(兼務) 林 秀樹 Professor Hayashi Hideki Ph.D. hayashih
  • 教授(兼務) 寺町 ひとみ Professor Teramachi Hitomi Ph.D. teramachi

研究テーマ Research Subjects


 本学が2017年度に導入した移動薬局車両「モバイルファーマシー」は、大規模災害時などライフライン喪失時でも被災地で調剤をすることができる。熊本地震では 3 台のモバイルファーマシーが初めて出動し、多くの被災者の命を救った。当講座は、本学のモバイルファーマシーの運用を担当し、災害医療や僻地医療に関してモバイルファーマシーを活用した教育・研究を行っていく。

 Recent years have witnessed a significant upsurge in the elderly population in Japan, and it is estimated that by 2025, the number of patients requiring home medical care will reach 290,000. Hence, the development of a comprehensive regional care system has been proposed and is under implementation. Under the comprehensive regional care system, we aim to contribute to the community by developing student education, lifelong education of pharmacists, clinical research, and medical care activities concerning regional medical care/home medical care to enable residents to continue living true to themselves in their local communities to which they have become accustomed their whole life. Furthermore, in recent years, the role of pharmacists in disaster medical care has garnered attention. However, at present, little information is available about disaster medical care in the pharmaceutical education curriculum. In our department, education and research concerning the establishment of a system that can effectively implement drug therapy during disasters and the method of medicine supply during disasters will be conducted.

 The mobile pharmacy automobile "Mobile Pharmacy" introduced by our university in 2017 can dispense medicines in areas affected by a disaster, even when lifelines are lost, such as in the case of a large-scale disaster. During the Kumamoto earthquake, three Mobile Pharmacies were initially launched, which helped save the lives of many victims. Furthermore, we are responsible for the operation of the Mobile Pharmacy of the university and will conduct education and research using the Mobile Pharmacy for disaster medical care and medical care in remote areas.


研究課題 Research Objectives

  1. 在宅医療における薬剤師の活動が患者 QOL に及ぼす効果に関する研究
    Study on the effect of pharmacists' activities in home medical care on patients' quality of life
  2. 災害医療における薬事支援を効果的に実施するためのシステムに関する研究
    Study of a system for effective implementation of pharmaceutical support in disaster medical care
  3. 地域における多施設連携の研究者主導型臨床薬理研究
    Investigator-initiated clinical pharmacological research through regional multicenter collaboration
  4. 介護における薬学的介入の効果に関する研究
    Study on the effects of pharmaceutical intervention in nursing care
  5. 健康サポート薬局の推進に関する研究
    Study on the promotion of health-supporting pharmacies

最近の研究成果 Research Results

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