Gifu Pharmaceutical University is equipped with a variety of facilities, equipment, and instruments necessary for pharmaceutical research, and uses them for a wide range of research activities. In addition to equipment and facilities purchased with the research funds of each laboratory and individual, the university is equipped with large-scale equipment for common use within the university.

Research Equipment Center


The Research Equipment Center manages and operates a variety of experimental equipment, mainly equipment for common use within the university. Please refer to the details page for more information about common use equipment and equipment that can be used off-campus.

Animal Care Facilities


In the animal care and experiment facilities, we keep not only typical animals but also genetically-modified animals and disease-model animals to contribute to understanding the pathogenesis of diseases, developing therapeutic drugs, and ensuring the safety of pharmaceuticals and chemical substances.

Radioisotope Research Center


The Radioisotope Research Center contributes to the advancement of basic research by focusing on tracer experiments using radioisotopes. We are committed to safety management in accordance with laws and regulations.

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