Laboratory (Specialized/Basic/Funding of Science)

Specialized Education

Laboratory of Radiochemistry
  1. Modifying effects of foods, alcohols and smoking on chemical carcinogenesis and metabolic activation
  2. Exploration of animal species and organ-specific activation in environmental carcinogens
  3. Investigation into preventive effect of lipid nutrition on lifestyle disease
Herbal Garden
  1. A study about the construction of the crude drug database
  2. The microscope judgment study of a plant combined with so-called health food and medical supplies
  3. A study about medical herb cultivation and the crude drug preparation processing
  1. Fundamental study on immunosenescence suppression of exercise
  2. Effects of exercise in the growing stage in mice on macrophage functions
  3. The effects of stress reduction following physical activities
Laboratory of Natural Resources
  1. Analysis of chemodiversity in Family Gesneriaceae, Piperaceae and Acanthaceae
  2. Bioassays of isolated compounds from natural sources
  3. Synthesis of phenolic compounds isolated from natural sources

Basic Education

English Studies
  1. To investigate the mechanisms of English sound acquisition of Japanese people with using psychological language techniques and acoustic analysis
  2. To investigate which phonological features affect the intelligibility of Japanese people
  3. To develop computer based learning materials and system, and  ESP programs for pharmaceutical sciences
Academic & Scientific English Studies
  1. To explore the mechanisms involved in scientific English listening ability
  2. To examine the complex issues relevant to scientific English listening
  3. タスクトレーニングによるスピーキングとリスニング能力向上
Math Studies
  1. Fluctuation effect in chaotic
  2. SynchronizationSynchronization in nonlinear Frobenius-Perron equation
  3. Mathematics education in faculty of pharmaceutical sciences
Health and Physical Education
  1. The effects of stress reduction following physical exercise and recreational activities
  2. The study on the history of modern techniques of Kendo
  3. The study on the pedagogy of Kendo for beginners

Funding of Science

Global Regulatory Science (GRS)
  1. To analyze regulatory bodies’ decision for the authorization of drugs and medical devices
  2. To analyze regulatory bodies’ theoretical framework
  3. To analyze pharmaceutical companies’ clinical development and pharmaceutical affairs strategies