Laboratory (Pharmacy)


Bioactive Molecules

  1. Bioprospective study for the discovery of ethnomedicines and potential drug candidates
  2. Phytochemical investigation of higher plants and operation of natural product repository
  3. Quality control and chemotaxonomy of plant resources using NMR and MS–based metabolomics
Laboratory of Pharmacology
  1. Characterization of itching associated with atopic dermatitis and search for anti-itch compounds
  2. Studies on the development and pathology of intractable asthma, and search for the treatment targets
  3. Development and characterization of food allergy models and search for the treatment targets
Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry
  1. Development of electroorganic chemistry in the field of molecular science: electrochemistry for discovery and molecular analysis of functional molecules
  2. Study on bioactivity based upon concerted proton and electron transfer reaction
  3. Development of highly selective and sensitive capillary electrophoresis systems and their applications in the field of life science

Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Hygienic Chemistry and Molecular Toxicology
  1. Studies on endocrine disrupting chemicals and mechanism of their actions on sex development in mammals
  2. Studies on analysis of factors on obesity repression in mammals and effect of chemicals on the factors
  3. Development of analytical methods on environment dynamics and detoxification treatment methods of hazardous chemicals
  1. Elucidation of mechanisms underlying abnormal expression of cell adhesion molecules in cancer
  2. Elucidation of pathobiochemical role of oxidized-lipoproteins in atherogenic mechanism
  3. Studies on development of drug targeted to xenobiotic-detoxifying enzymes
Microbiology and Immunology
  1. Pathobiological studies on congenital infection and vaccine development
  2. Screening of novel antiviral compounds and analyses of their targeting processes
  3. Studies on mucosal immunity in the gut and the regulation of innate immune signaling

Biomedical Pharmaceutics

  1. To establish the systems of therapeutic drug monitoring and its application in clinical in order for clinical pharmacists to be positively involved in pharmacological therapy
  2. To prevent the illegal use of law-evading drugs (also known as legal highs)
  3. To elucidate the mechanism of trafficking of aquaporin
Clinical Pharmaceutics
  1. Molecular mechanism of cellular response to non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma
  2. Zinc signaling related to neurotoxicity
  3. Epigenetic regulation of anti-oxidative enzymes
Medical Therapeutics and Molecular Therapeutics
  1. The research of the pathophysiology, the accurate diagnostic methods and the therapeutic strategies on idiopathic basal ganglia calcification (IBGC) which is also traditionally called ‘Fahr’s disease (FD)’
  2. The innovative drug development for ALS using iPS cell and for stem cells
  3. The clarification of the pathophysiological mechanism and the development of new drugs for intractable neurodegenerative diseases such AD, PD and ALS based on the aspect of the neuronal death

Pharmacy Practice and Science

Community Pharmacy
  1. Scientific assessment of improvement on pharmacy practice
  2. Study on effect of medicine and supplement
  3. Promotion of proper use of pharmaceutical products
Clinical Pharmacy Studies
  1. Research on development of textbooks and scales to measure skills regarding medical communication
  2. Research on construction of a program of comprehensive medicinal education for promotion of self-medication
  3. Research on evaluations of drug efficacy, side effect and pharmacist’s work in pharmaceutical practices for appropriate use of medicines
Drug Informatics
  1. Research of regulatory science and translational research.
  2. Development and application of a new LC-MS method for drug molecules and/or metabolites in biological matrices
  3.  Discovery and validation of new disease biomarker, using lipidomics analysis.
Pharmacy Practice and Social Science
  1. Study on the professional competence required of pharmacists in home health care
  2. Study on the optimization of medication therapy utilizing the expertise of pharmacists
  3. Personalized drug therapy-directed clinical pharmacology research based on genetic polymorphisms and pharmacokinetics analysis