Laboratory (Pharmaceutical Science)

Pharmaceutical Science

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
  1. Anticancer drug development targeting the tumor microenvironment and cancer chemical biology
  2. Development of novel chemical tools to study diseases and biological processes
  3. Development of fluorescent probes for elucidation of iron homeostasis
Organic Chemistry
  1. Development of selective and heterogeneous transition metal catalysts and their application to environmentally-benign and process chemistry-applicable synthetic methodologies
  2. Novel construction methods for fundamental skeletons of organic molecules based on the carbocation generation and its application to the total synthesis study
  3. Development of novel hydrogen (deuterium) carriers demanding the next-generation energy system and its application to environmentally-benign synthetic methodologies
Pharmaceutical Synthetic Chemistry
  1. Studies of environmentally-friendly oxidation using molecular oxygen
  2. Studies of environmentally-friendly new reactions using light
  3. Studies of useful new reagents and catalysts in organic chemistry

Biofunctional Evaluation

Molecular Biology
  1. Investigation of the functional development of the brain related to cognition, learning and memory, aiming to understand pathology of neurodevelopmental disorder
  2. Investigations aimed to improve locomotor function after spinal cord injury
  3. Development of novel drugs to mimic neurotrophic factor-like activities and improve symptoms of psychiatric or neurodegenerative disorders
Molecular Pharmacology
  1. Studies for clarifying pathological mechanisms and drug discovery on CNS diseases such as stroke and psychiatric disorders
  2. Studies for elucidating pathological mechanisms and drug discovery on ocular diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and so on
  3. Studies for elucidating pathological mechanisms and drug discovery using iPS cells and adipose-derived stem cells

Drug Delivery Technology and Science

Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
  1. Fabrication of self-assembled phospholipid layer onto the polymer surface by plasma-assisted method and its bio-application
  2. Fundamentals of solid-state plasma chemistry and application to DDS by self-assembling of polymer
  3. Development of functional biomaterial surface based on plasma technique
Pharmaceutical Engineering
  1. Noninvasive drug delivery with particulate systems in oral, pulmonary and ophthalmic administration
  2. Novel solid dosage form development: orally disintegrating tablets or films
  3. Nano crystals and solid dispersion systems for improving dissolution and absorption of poorly water soluble drugs