Initiatives for Industry, Academia and Government Cooperation

Based on the research philosophy of Green Pharmacy, Gifu Pharmaceutical University is working to further enhance and strengthen industry-government-academia partnerships. The university is promoting industry-government-academia partnerships to foster regional development by fusing and combining the knowledge of the university with the needs of local industries to innovate.

The strength of our university is that we are a group of experts in a variety of research fields, including biotechnology, drug discovery, medical welfare, environment, energy, materials, information, education, and analysis.

  • Those who wish to do collaborative research and development with the University
  • Those who wish to receive technical consultation on products under development
  • Those who wish to commercialize products using the University's patented technology
  • Those who wish to receive academic guidance

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

For inquiries

Gifu Pharmaceutical University Office, General Affairs and Accounting Section

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