Gifu Pharmaceutical University has adopted a human- and environmentally-friendly pharmacy (Green Pharmacy) as the basic philosophy underpinning its administration. The word "green" implies safety, security, and friendly to both humans and the environment.

Educational Goals & Policies

The university's education and research policy is based on the university's basic philosophy of seeking green pharmacy (pharmacy that is friendly to people and the environment, and pharmacy that provides safety and security), and training talented pharmaceutical professionals through education supported by advanced research on medicine and health, and making a social contribution through these efforts.

Department Educational Goals

To conduct in-depth and broad-based teaching and research on the science and technology of green pharmacy, and to cultivate individuals with superior intellectual and moral qualities, and the ability to apply these qualities.

Graduate School Education Goals

Engendering rich academic knowledge and excellent character based on green pharmacy, and training researchers and technicians who can independently carry out creative research in the field of pharmacy as well as pharmacists who play a leading role in the medical field.

Concrete Policies to Achieve Educational Goals

  1. Planning, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of the education system at the Green Pharmacy Education Promotion Center
  2. Embodying and sharing the educational goal of Green Pharmacy-based Education
  3. Improving the quality and standard of education by promoting FD
  4. Strengthen educational collaboration with other universities, research institutions, and overseas academic partner schools
  5. Improving educational evaluation in the tenure system to invigorate education

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