Health Care and Health Management

In order for students to pursue their studies and extracurricular activities, they must first maintain their own health in the best possible condition. In order to achieve this, it goes without saying that each student must always pay attention to his or her own health in daily life. In accordance with the School Health and Safety Law, the University has established the Health Management Center to provide first aid for injuries and illnesses, as well as periodic health checkups to ensure that all possible measures are taken for the health management of students.

Health Care Management Center

Medical supplies, equipment, and beds are always available for first aid and rest for students who become ill or injured during regular classes or extracurricular activities. For those who are seriously ill or injured, they will be transported to a medical institution after first aid has been administered.

Health Examinations

In accordance with the School Health and Safety Law, health examinations are conducted at a designated time each year (April to June). Students must take them as required by law. If you do not have a regular health checkup, you will not be issued a health certificate, so please make sure to have one.


Health problems are not limited to physical problems; there are also mental health problems including those caused by anxiety and worries about human relationships. Mental health problems can be serious in student life. The university provides opportunities for mental health counseling, and counseling specialists are available at regular Mental Health Counseling sessions. Students who wish to receive counseling should apply to the Health Service Center. All consultation matters are handled confidentially.

Distant Dependent Card

If a student living in a residence becomes ill or injured during experiments, practical training, extracurricular activities, or at the residence, he or she can be treated as a dependent under the health insurance system by using a Distant Dependent Card that has been separated from the family's health insurance card. To apply for the Distant Dependent Card, submit the certificate of enrollment issued by the Educational Affairs and Welfare Division to the health insurance association, etc., in which your family is enrolled, and have them separate the card.

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