At Gifu Pharmaceutical University, a variety of events are scheduled throughout the year to allow students to engage freely in meaningful activities.

A detailed yearly schedule is available on the bulletin board as well as the scheduler or the scheduling system for current students.

A variety of events are scheduled throughout the year as detailed below.

First term Second term
month event month event
April Entrance ceremony
Guidance for 1st to 3rd year students
Start of first semester classes
October Commencement of the 2nd semester
Student Festival
Oct 25th Anniversary of University Founding
Graduation Thesis Presentation for Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
May End of the 1st term of long-term practical training
Start of the 2nd term of long-term practical training
May Festival
Hospital tour for 1st year students
November 1st year student welfare experience
Long-term practical training: 2nd term ends
Long-term practical training: 3rd term ends
Long-term practical training begins 4th term
June Off-campus training for 1st year students
1st year students Hospital tour presentation
December OSCE Main exam winter break
July 1st year students: Company tour
Guidance for laboratory assignments for 3rd year students
1st semester regular exam (late)
January of following year CBT Main exam
2nd semester regular exam
August Summer vacation (until the end of September)
Open campus
Announcement of 1st semester exam results
End of 2nd term of long-term practical training
Start of 3rd term of long-term practical training
February 2nd semester regular examinations
Announcement of 2nd semester examination results
OSCE re-test
Master's thesis presentation
Graduation decision (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Start of the 4th term of long-term practical training
September CBT trial exam
1st semester supplementary reexamination
March Post-testing
Degree conferment
Advanced placement

Yakudaisai Festival

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The Yakudaisai Festival (Gifu Pharmaceutical University Cultural Festival) is usually held in October.

For more information, please visit the dedicated website for the Yakudaisai Festival.

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