At the 2nd International Symposium on the Development of Pharmaceutical Sciences held in Nanjing, China (October 12-14), President Hara delivered an invited lecture titled:

"Industry-Academia Collaboration at Gifu Pharmaceutical University - GPU's Commitment to the Community Health."

Talk slides are here (PDF)


He introduced the university's research through industry-academia collaboration and its "Green Pharmacy" philosophy, which is highly regarded by other universities.


The symposium was hosted by the China Pharmaceutical University and brought together presidents and deans of major pharmacy schools from around the world. The purpose of the symposium was to promote pharmacy education and link the development of pharmacy to the improvement of human welfare.

During their stay, President Hara (left in the picture below) and Professor Esaka (right in the picture below) exchanged views with the presidents of the affiliated schools, China Pharmaceutical University, and the deans of the College of Pharmacy at Zhejiang University and the University of Florida.


Pres. Hara and Prof. Esaka also interacted with deans of pharmacy faculties of major universities in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, including Peking University, the University of Michigan, and Chiba University.

The establishment of the Global Alliance for the Development of Pharmaceutical Science (GADPS) was proclaimed and celebrated at this symposium. The Alliance is a global educational organization voluntarily established by colleges of pharmacy that share a common vision and strategic goals in the fields of pharmacy and health. For more information, please visit the website mentioned above. The entire list of the members can be found here.