On May 9th and 20th, 2022, the award ceremonies for the Growth Support Grant (Challenge Grant) and the Murayama Memorial Scholarship were held. This year, two doctoral course students and three Ph.D. students were awarded the Growth Support Grant (Challenge Grant) and 12 fifth-grade pharmacy students were awarded the Murayama Memorial Scholarship.


Growth Support Grant (Challenge Grant) Recipients (with the President and Vice Presidents)


Recipients of the Murayama Memorial Scholarship (with the President and Vice President)


The Gifu Pharmaceutical University Alumni Association Growth Support Grant (Challenge Grant) is a grant from the Education and Research Fund of the Gifu Pharmaceutical University Alumni Association. It supports current students who have clear goals for the future and are motivated to work toward realizing their dreams.

The Murayama Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 with a donation from Mr. Hajime Murayama (the 2nd graduating class of Gifu College of Pharmacy, the predecessor of our university), former chairman of Tokyo Jun-yaku Industries, Ltd. This scholarship is unique to the university and is awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements. It is to motivate students to further their studies and research, to foster their vitality, and to further revitalize the university.